FIC Website

Financial Integrity Company offers credit repair and other related services. This client needed a professional site to provide her online presence and generate more business. This website was created with the use of hand-drawn wireframes, Sketch, Wordpress, Photoshop & Sublime Text.

Design Process

There were early challenges for this project. The client was initially to provide a logo as well as images for the website but realized she would not have these items for some time. The client was still relatively new to this field and was still learning during the development of the website. The client also added that it was very important in the design to include login links in the top portion of the website for the client’s customers. I had already completed the prototype shown below but I realized that I would not need to stray far from the design to complete the requests above. I used the business initials as the logo and I added the client login fields to the area labeled “Call to Action”.


Since this would be a one-page website, I used large images and big headlines to help each section standout. The sections of the website are shown below. The website also includes a video and a custom form.

Selected Work

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Financial Integrity