Genesis Branding

The California Department of Rehabilitation had a member who needed assistance to get his landscaping & hauling business up and running. The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) is an employment and independent living resource for people with disabilities. The DOR agreed to pay for the following design services for the member's landscaping and hauling business named, “Genesis Environmental Enterprise”: Branding, Business Card Design, Flyer Design & Website Design. I worked directly with the member for all design process communication.

Design Process

The member provided me with a copy of his business proposal. It included his mission statement, history, experience, and goals. He also provided me with a rough sketch of an idea for his logo.

I started this project with the logo design. The sketch that the member provided was actually a pretty good concept. I began to recreate the sketch in Illustrator very closely to how the sketch appeared on paper. I felt like the result didn’t quite fit this brand and it was somewhat mediocre. So I made some design changes and created a simple, recognizable logo that still matched the original concept.

I moved on to the flyer and business card designs next. I researched flyer and business card designs in the landscaping field online and most of the styling seemed outdated. After rereading the member's business proposal, I began to think about how to convey the beginning of growth into the design. Here is an excerpt from his business plan:

"Company History: Genesis Environmental derived from our ancestral environmentalism 'preservation' and restoration of the earth. Farming, agriculture, gardening, green entrepreneurialism, recycling, refurbishing, resale."

The statement above inspired me to use images of dirt and grass in the branding. I wanted to keep it really simple, modern looking and to include a level of uniqueness to make this business stand out in a competitive field. I thought of how the green grass would contrast with the brown dirt. I had a vision of how the edge of the grass looks against the fresh soil before the area is completely filled in by the rolled grass, which is represented by the image below. In the branding, the dirt represents genesis and the environment. The grass is important because this business's most popular service is grass cutting and related yard work.


For the website, the client had a limited amount of content. First, I sketched the wireframes then I found a great photo for the website header from the member's provided images. I decided to keep the same theme of the dirt & grass in the design of the website, which was somewhat quirky – just like the personality of the owner. This website is a 2-page website with one page displaying the company background & services, and the other page displaying the photo gallery.

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