Insane Branding

The client ran into a legal issue over their existing business name Spinsane Cycling. Apparently, the term “Spin” is trademarked and the trademark owner is active in protecting its trademark and will send “cease and desist” letters to those who attempt to use the word. The client now needed to change its business name, logo and existing website. The new name for the company would be "Insane Cycling & Fitness".

Design Process

The client’s old logo (shown below) had a certain edge to it and some bold styling. The client provided me with a file that included a small graphic and a font together that the client liked as a new logo but it was not usable as a logo “as is”. However, it was a style that the client was fond of. I felt that the font was a great fit with the word “Insane”. The font seems to set you in the mind frame of something that will be crazy, dangerous or possibly horrifying. I wanted to utilize the same typeface but I would need to creatively make it more inviting while still projecting some of its original intensity.

During the design process, I had an idea that I could incorporate the cyclist graphic into the design by turning it into the “S” in INSANE. I also found that I could use the “A” in INSANE as part of the cycle. The cyclist character would now also serve as a stand-alone icon, which could be used to represent the brand.

Aside from the typeface, I also felt the need to change the colors for the brand, which were red, yellow and black. I selected the blue and yellow colors for this brand and communicated this design choice to the client during the logo presentation. The client agreed with the new brand colors and suggested some changes to blue and yellow values before we finalized the color scheme. Below are design notes regarding the design of the new logo.


The website work for this project included backing up the old website, moving the existing website to the new domain & host and adding the new branding to the existing website. This website is a one-page website that includes business info, class scheduling links, images, video and contact information.

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