PBC Logo Design

Paradise Baptist Church had been in existence for over 50 Years and never had an official logo. The inspiration for this logo was based on PBC’s mission, theme and culture. The final logo was a combination of the earlier design concepts as shown below.

Wedding Favor

My buddy was getting married and his wedding date was approaching soon. One day he called me and invited me to meet him at the brewery where he was getting a special beer made as a wedding favor for his wedding guests. I met my friend and his fiancé at the brewery and he was excited about making a “Jackfruit IPA”. He had brought the jackfruit and a few other ingredients to the brewery to be included in the brewing process. We ended up walking over to a bar across the street to hang out and he mentioned that he would need labels made for the beers. I offered to create the beer label for him as their wedding gift. He let me know his design ideas and then drew the sketch on the back of our receipt (shown below).

DJ Fizz Business Card

The client for this project needed new business cards to promote his DJ business. He wanted a double-sided business card that would have the same design on both sides. He provided me with the photo that he uses for most of his promotional items. I noticed some quality issues with the image background so I knew that I would either retouch the background or remove the existing background completely. He also provided me with his contact info and social media account links. The desired look of the card was open and up for me to decide. For the design, I focused on the DJ/music theme and used the elements below to create the design. The vector background shown below used in the design appears to resemble a “fizz” effect, which ties in to the client’s name.

I created the design for this business card by altering the three images below in Photoshop until I reached my desired effect.

Event Flyer

The client for this project needed a flyer for a youth revival event. We met at a local workspace and the client had a specific idea for the flyer. He wanted the flyer to ‘look like’ the cable TV show “Power”, which appears on the network Starz. This was a project where I created the design on the spot during a meeting with the client present. For this flyer design, I used Photoshop and Google. We searched for the images of the Power TV show that he wanted to base the design on. We also searched for the type of font that Power used. I was also instructed to pull images from the participants own websites for use on the flyer. For the background I searched online and found a free large royalty-free image of Downtown Oakland.

Selected Work

Insane Cycling
Maine Eventz
Financial Integrity