MRBC Logo Design

Paradise Baptist Church was opening up a brand new Ministry, Business & Recreation Center (MRBC) facility that would contain various office spaces and a basketball gym that would serve the local community. I was commissioned to create the logo that would sit center court of the gym floor.

The Ministry, Building & Recreation Center was a big budget project. It included spending millions of dollars and dealing with the various contractors and permits required to building the 13500 sq. ft. facility. After seeing the hardwood floor placed in Rec center for the basketball court, the organization’s leader had a vision to spice up the basketball court by adding a center court logo.

Design Process

First, I took time to look at the new facility’s layout and interior colors. I looked at the size of the basketball court and overall interior design. My approach was to make a design that would be well balanced in a large circular area. I researched NBA and College Basketball team’s logos and how the logos appeared center court. 

The client’s desire to include the slogan, “A 5-Star Church Where We Partner With Our Pastor”, would play a huge part in the design approach. Also, aside from that, the client had very little input on design preference. The direction from the client was, “We’re Open”. There was no main logo at the time or any other existing logos, mascot or theme... just the tag-line above. The church has a rich history but it is unrelated to basketball.

In my research, I gravitated towards the designs that included a basketball-type graphic. I wanted to first start designing around the initials of the church (PBC). I felt that this would be a good design decision for the needs of this project.


Below are the three concepts that were presented to the client. The client chose the 3rd concept shown below. I had a concern that the concept might be a little too abstract but the client loved it.

Final Design

I prepared the final logo design and a separate company laid down the design on the hardwood floor and it turned out great. The abstract aspect to the design looks great on the gym floor. I also designed t-shirts as part of this project as well, as you can see below. Hundreds of church members wore the shirts during the Rec center's grand opening and they were a huge hit. The client was very satisfied with the outcome of this project.

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