Piikup Branding

This client is a local startup feel-good story. Winner of the Social Changemaker Award at the 2017 Oakland Indie Awards, this client launched a delivery startup that specializes in local e-commerce deliveries and pickups. She describes her startup as, “A Socially Responsible Delivery Hub”. This client was expanding her business model and her current brand was limiting in a number of ways. She was looking to broaden her brand appeal, clientele and funding.


I worked for a logistics-focused marketing company early in my career and I am aware that the logo designs in this industry usually involve plenty of arrows or in some way indicate motion. I researched delivery logos of known companies and potential competitors in this field, some of which are shown below.

Design Process

I sketched several great ideas that I took to Illustrator. I presented the client with the solid concept shown below. It was in line with the competition and the current design trend of simple and memorable. A few members of her team loved it but the client did not. The client felt that it did not quite match the personality of her business and she wanted to focus more on the "hub" aspect of her brand.

Final Design

The client preferred a font and logo that was thin and somewhat "playful" but still serious. I keep this in mind as I focused on creating ways to translate the hub aspect of the design. During the creative process, I came up with a concept that would meet these goals. The final logo design is somewhat of a “quadruple entendre” because it represents: a box, directional planes, a hub and a play on the word “pickup”.

The client was very happy with the results of this project. She likes how the hexagonal part of the logo can lead your eyes to see different characteristics at the same time.

Selected Work

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